What’s the Best Wine with Popcorn?

You might see me wax poetic about classic pairings like foie gras and Sauternes or oysters and Muscadet. (I’m not a snob, honest!) But today’s pairing is more comforting and somewhat out of the box. Let’s start with your favorite Netflix film. If you want something with a food and wine theme, think about Sideways, Bottle Shock, the Godfather or one of my all-time favorites — Babette’s Feast.

First, cook up some popcorn. Melt the butter and drizzle it on the glorious popped kernels of corn. Salt as needed. Now, what to pair with it? Okay, skip the soft drinks, please! Beer? Save it for schnitzel night. Water? This is popcorn, not the Mohave desert. What about something more celebratory?

Try this: Grab your favorite sparkler – Champagne (if your wallet allows), Prosecco (perfect with Godfather – either Part One or Two!) or Cava – the Sparkling wine from Spain. The crisp and refreshing flavor profile of the sparkler is a glorious contrast to the crisp of the popcorn mingled with the salt and greasy butter.

If you want something a bit sweeter, make a Bellini or a Kir Royale. Or just top it off with a few splashes of St. Germaine.

Or would you prefer to just pop and pour? Try a Moscato d’Asti — one of my favorite dessert wines on the planet — and costs less than seeing an IMAX film in 3D! Turn off your cell phone, pop the cork, and enjoy the film!

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