Fast Track To Wine Expertise

A Michael Green Wine Tasting Experience

A unique way to entertain your clients, prospects, members, or employees.

Sip, swish, swallow, and go! In less than two hours you will know more about wine than 90% of the US population! 

How to taste wine like a pro, how to navigate and outsmart a restaurant wine list, insider secrets wine retailers won’t tell you, how to read a wine label, how to make any wine taste better for free, and so much more! 

Michael’s unique edu-tainment approach combines humor with a wealth of knowledge built from a lifetime of experiences in the world of wine. Creating a pretense-free experience that makes this often intimidating topic accessible to everyone. 

Filled with entertaining and revealing anecdotes and insider tips, this event is perfect for the wine novice or an experienced wine lover.

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Michael Green

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