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Great Wines by Great Women

A Michael Green Wine Tasting Experience

Excellent for women’s empowerment events and team building.

It’s always exciting to have an opportunity to celebrate innovators in the world of wine, and even more so when they’re also opening doors for others.

During this program, Michael toasts women winemakers who have helped break down the gender barrier that has for too long existed in the world of wine making. From the legendary to the up-and-coming, these women winemakers present a force to be reckoned with. Our tasting proves that their wines do, too!

We link key attributes of these pioneering women wine-makers, which have contributed to their accomplishments, and which can serve as a model for anyone reaching for success and breaking new ground In their field – and, best of all, you have a chance to taste the very best of these exciting wines that are shaking up the scene.

Selections from sparkling wine to dessert wine and everything in between! Filled with entertaining and revealing anecdotes and insider tips, this event is perfect for the wine novice or an experienced wine lover.

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Michael Green

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