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The Cheese Course

A Michael Green Wine & Cheese Tasting Experience


A unique way to entertain your clients, prospects, members, or employees.

It’s no secret that wine and cheese can make a perfect duo – a plate of tempting savory cheeses and a great bottle of wine is often at the heart of some of our most memorable experiences. 

The explosion in artisanal cheese production in recent years bringing countless new flavors to the table, navigating the cheese aisle can elicit the same intimidation factor once reserved for the wine shop!

Let Michael help you make sense of it all through a tasting of some of the most luscious and wine-friendly cheeses from producers around the world and in your own backyard.

Learn about the history and production of a diverse and tempting array of cheeses in an event that is sure to enhance your appreciation and enjoyment of cheese as well as sharpen your acumen when it comes to picking cheeses you will love.

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